Speakers on the UI Campus

We are happy to spotlight speakers in this space whose focus is related to translation, language, and global literacy. While CTGL is the host of only a few of the speakers listed in this area, we seek to promote visitors coming to the UI and greater Iowa City area whose work will benefit our faculty and students.

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Conor Bracken


CTGL Residencies

Every year, CTGL brings one artist, scholar, or translator to the University of Iowa to share their work. During their 1- to 2-week residency, they will give master-classes and public talks on the broader context of translation, global writing and inter-cultural communication.  

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Raquel Gutiérrez - 2022-23

Gutiérrez visited the University of Iowa in April 2023 for CTGL's debut residency. They are an arts critic/writer, poet, and educator based in Tucson, Arizona. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Gutiérrez credits the queer and feminist DIY post-punk zine culture of the 1990s plus Los Angeles County and Getty paid arts internships with introducing her/them to the various vibrant art and music scenes and communities throughout Southern California. Gutiérrez is a 2021 recipient of the Rabkin Prize in Arts Journalism, as well as a 2017 recipient of the The Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant. Her/Their writing has recently appeared in or is forthcoming in Art In America, NPR Music, Places Journal, and The Georgia Review. Gutiérrez teaches in the Oregon State University-Cascades Low Residency Creative Writing MFA Program. Her/Their first book of prose, Brown Neon, was published by Coffee House Press in June 2022 and is an ekphrastic memoir that considers what it means to be a Latinx artist during the Trump era. 

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Raquel Gutiérrez Translates Life

Friday, July 14, 2023
“I’m someone who is constantly described with a very distinct set of adjectives--Queer, Latinx, U.S.-born Mexican, Chicana,” says Raquel Guitterez, who visited Iowa City last spring as the first recipient of the Center for Translation and Global Literacy’s Residency program

2022-23 Speakers

2022-2023 Speakers