Two Interdisciplinary Collaboratories are co-sponsored with the Center for Language and Culture Learning (CLCL).

Iowa Intersections is a collaboration between the CLCL, UNESCO City of Literature, and Kirkwood Community College which seeks to give voice to the multiplicity of languages and diverse cultural experiences in the greater Iowa City community and the state of Iowa. Faculty, staff, and students from the Division of World Languages Literatures, and Cultures as well as the Division of Interdisciplinary Programs work with faculty at Kirkwood to recruit and prepare storytellers and film, translate, and edit the videos. The stories are publicized online and shared over social media

The Summer Institute on Translating from Iowa’s Indigenous Languages is a collaboration between Meskwaki preservationists, proficient Meskwaki speakers, and UI’s translation faculty and graduate students. We will begin planning in 2023-24 toward a three-day Institute that will occur in 2024-25. The project builds on the  Meskwaki Nation's language preservation project that involves developing digital recordings of fluent Meskwaki elders in genuine interactional contexts, including traditional story-telling. Because the project exists in the intersection of language learning and cultural preservation, the digital recordings need to be transcribed into the new Meskwaki alphabet and translated into English for younger Meskwaki learners, and interested public at large.