The Summer Institutes are for instructors of Foreign Languages, Comparative Literature, and World Literature who are in a position to promote global literacy through translation and who want to incorporate translation into their teaching. Occurring in the summers of 2024 and 2026, the Institute focuses on the rationale and learning objectives concerning translation and global literacy. 

The Institutes are directed by Professors Brian Baer and Aron Aji, respectively past-presidents of the American Translation and Interpreting Studies Association and the American Literary Translators Association. 

Attend the June 2024 Institute

This 4-day residential gathering features a combination of lectures, roundtables, syllabus design workshops, discussion sessions, and individual tutorials. We encourage participation by graduate students, faculty, and administrators.

The application period closed on December 15, 2023.

The Undergraduate Curriculum: Programs, Courses, and Activities

June 2024

The 2024 Summer Institute on Translation Across the Curriculum, which will be held in Iowa City, IA, from June 5-9, 2024.

The Center for Translation and Global Studies and the American Translation and Interpreting Studies Association invite those constituencies in higher education that are in a position to promote translation as a global literacy skill, and that want to incorporate translation into their teaching (e.g., instructors of world languages and literatures, comparative literature, creative writing, and general education) to participate. 


The need to teach translation literacy

In an era of rapid globalization, the need to promote translation as a crucial global literacy skill is widely recognized. At the same time, many fear that teaching translation can be used to bypass the study of foreign languages, and to promote cultural stereotypes and the hegemony of English as a lingua franca. Teaching translation literacy addresses these fears by keeping issues of language front and center in a variety of pedagogical contexts, offering opportunities for students of foreign languages to apply their knowledge, while motivating others to study foreign languages.



This 4-day residential gathering will focus on the following issues:

  • theoretical approaches to translation as asset-building pedagogy

  • design and implementation of translation-related activities, courses, tracks, or programs
  • career exploration and concrete training for students interested in the language industry 
  • comparative grammar and comparative stylistics as ways to foster a greater understanding of the asymmetries among world languages.