The Virtual Library of Pedagogy is a collection of materials intended to support the work of translators, interpreters, and instructors. Its foundation is being built from existing archives located at the University of Iowa and newer materials collected by our team. 

In 2023-24, we will be activating galleries for the three areas below.

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Articles and Books

Translation in Language Teaching (TILT): history and terminology

The CTGL compiles a gallery of pedagogical resources from various literary articles and journals. The gallery is a valuable tool for students, faculty, and other professionals who are interested in deepening their understanding of the field. This list of resources will be continuously developed with additional information from the latest books and journals.

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Translation and Global Writing Gallery

The Translation and Global Writing Gallery was developed in partnership with IWP, the library will be a comprehensive portal to coordinate access to a variety of holdings, with the largest “holdings” being resources from IWP’s 50-year history, including accumulated literary works and audiovisual material by, and biographical materials about the more than 1500 writers who have held residencies in Iowa City.

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World Theatre

World Theatre Gallery provides both an archival resource and a tool for new collaboration. It will include documents and play scripts, important works in their original languages from theatre artists from around the world. 

In 2021, the University of Iowa was gifted the Theatre Without Borders archive which consists of two decades of international theatre exchange work documented in play texts, video, and supplementary documentation. Now housed in UI Special Collections, this archive continues to grow with additional contributions from affiliated artists. We seek to translate, catalogue, and digitize the works in the archive to make them available to theatre practitioners, scholars and historians and to the public worldwide.